Aja cion

Shoot direct to edit-ready Apple ProRes 44at up to 4K 30fps, ProRes 4at up to 4K . In this AJA Cion Review we present our labs tests, compare it to the Blackmagic 4K give you pro’s and con’s of working with the AJA camera. We had high hopes for the AJA CION – but it seems like the camera might flare out before it even gets started.

Nearly two years ago AJA announced the 4K Cion. In these first months the camera looked seriously promising yet as time passe and new . The AJA Cion became the popular camera to ridicule. I am, however, not here to ridicule a camera.

If you wanted to get your hands on an AJA CION, now might be the absolute best time to do it. A fun spec-to-spec comparison of features between the Blackmagic Design URSA and the AJA CION. I’ve been lucky to have the time and opportunity to play with the AJA CION a little bit. Record directly to Apple ProRes 4and 4at up to 4K 60fps or output AJA Raw at up to 4K . Record directly to Apple ProRes 4and 4at up to 4K 60fps or output AJA Raw at up to . Test footage taken on the new 4K AJA Cion, cut into a short film, starring Zoe Serdar. The AJA CION Unified Camera Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount) is a professional camera support package designed for the AJA CION camera.

AJA surprised the industry in 20when it rolled out its CION digital cinema 4K camera. Although not known as a camera manufacturer, it had .

Earlier today, AJA released new firmware update version 1. AJA CION, in the form of a free software download. AJA’s CION 4K Digital Cinema Camera gives filmmakers an ENG-style all-in-one 4K production option. MB-4Matte box kit: for any camera with mm rail support (incl.

SA donut adapter ring). BorrowLenses provides rentals for professional photographers, videographers, and . Hours with the AJA CION Well, not technically hours, more like four, but it was over two days so. Ergonomics and out-of-the-box shooting seems to be a major focus of the design of the AJA CION which is a welcome addition to the 4K camera world.