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Turn your home into Smart Home with Apple. Shop sensors, remotes, switches, and security systems. CachadGör om ditt hem till ett smart hem med Apple.

Köp sensorer, fjärrkontroller, kontakter och säkerhetssystem. HT204903CachadLiknandeDu kan styra samtliga nedanstående HomeKit-anpassade tillbehör i ditt hem från din iOS-enhet. Apple HomeKit is set to unify the smart home, putting our iPhones and iPads in control of everything from smart thermostats to connected lightbulbs and more.

Every product that works with Apple’s upcoming ‘smart house’ software.

Opinion: Apple’s product secrecy may create ‘magic,’ but lack of transparency on. Apple’s home automation framework and platform. HomeKit is Apple’s home automation hub and it lets you control any compatible. All of these products can be controlled with the Elgato app or, . Here’s a collection of some of the best Apple HomeKit-compatible and Siri-enabled home automation devices and accessories that you can get . Of course, Apple HomeKit is not new to the smart home.

Although none of the products are available yet, the iDevices Socket should be: . Home is a centralised Apple app that lets you control all of your HomeKit products. With Home, you’ll be able manage each of your smart .