Argentium silver 9is a modern sterling silver alloy, containing 93. CachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanArgentium Silver has a range of unique and superior properties that are beneficial for manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Argentium silver är en relativt ny legering av silver som är mer resistent mot missfärgning än vanligt sterling silver.

Argentium svartnar heller inte när det smälts . Argentium silver rund platta mm, mm tjock. Silverplåt Argentium 93 mm , 1x mm. Taken from Argentium Silver Company’s Twitter).

Marked with the “flying unicorn” logo, Argentium Silver is the brand name patented and . Read this educational article to find out why Tungsten World switched from Sterling Silver to Argentium . Argentium Sterling silver is wonderful stuff. I happen to adore Argentium because it is nickel-free and safe to wear if you have a nickel allergy. Here are some of the differences between Argentium and Sterling that you need to be aware of. Argentium Sterling Silver, a registered and patented alloy developed by Peter Johns, is currently being produced by Stern Leach in the U. We sell a whole host of Argentium products from tarnish and firescale resistant Argentium Sheet, and Argentium grain, to Argentium wire.

Argentium Silver – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Click on FAQ topics to expand out the (or) to download this as a PDF document, click on .

Argentium User Guide – Argentium Original (935) – document updated January 2011. Argentium silver retains its heat for longer than traditional sterling. The Argentium 9grades exceed the requirements of sterling silver hallmarking standards and the Argentium 9grades meet the . Cynthia Eid isn’t sure why some people are afraid of using Argentium silver.

As a successful artist and instructor who’s used Argentium since . Argentium sterling silver is also a silver alloy like sterling silver. Argentium sterling silver is at least 92. Working with the new Argentium Sterling Silver is similar to working with traditional sterling, but don’t assume they’re the same.

Argentium redefines the quality of silver with a wide range. Cynthia Eid’s Handouts for Working with Argentium Sterling Silver.