Bitfenix phenom review

As the last of the BitFenix cases filters through, we get to see a much sleeker, and much heavier Mini-ITX design like the Prodigy, in the latest . BitFenix has taken the frame of the Prodigy M and now offers its genes in the Phenom Micro-ATX chassis aiming to offer a clean, understate . The Phenom comes in two form factors, mATX and the mITX, the latter we have for review today.

The BitFenix Phenom Mini-ITX belongs to the last category, the biggest of all. In the words of our BitFenix rep, Phenom is ideal for laid back living. In the next few weeks we’re going to be taking a look at the latest releases from BitFenix.

BitFenix Phenom mATX reviews, pros and cons.

The mini-ITX form factor is starting to pick up steam these days, and with good reason. Following on from the successful Colossus M review, today I’m taking a look at an evolution of this design, the BitFenix Phenom Micro-ATX . The latest BitFenix small form factor chassis, Phenom Micro-ATX combines an elegantly modern outlook with an incredibly .