Bosch plr 15 hack

Today I found a PLR laser range finder from Bosch for Euro in a German DIY store. I bought and disassembled it to see if it could be used as a laser ranger . Bosch-PLR-15-laser-measure-range-finder-up-to-.

Buy Bosch GLM 265-Feet Lithium-Ion Laser Distance Measurer on Amazon. Ever thought about hacking a laser tape measure? SparkFun credit and minutes of fame on the.

Part and Part of a guy who hacks a Bosch DLElaser rangefinder.

Posted in laser hacks, tool hacksTagged Laser Distance Meter, Laser Measuring Tape, Laser meter, Uni-T UT390B . The signals on that side are likely to be more useful for hacking. I’ve just opened up a Bosch PLRlaser rangefinder. It’s not an electric meter, it’s a Bosch PLR Digital Laser Range Finder.

Does not wanting to hack the device include not adding your own backlight? I get a difference of about 15mV across the resistor between an on . This Bosch Laser Rangefinder measures distances in seconds, plus it has a memory function which holds the last two measurements. Hack A Week TV; Donate; Laser Range Finder Arduino Code. Today I found a PLR laser range finder from Bosch for Euro in a German .

This PLR smart measuring device is from Bosch. Smart Measure APK Video Tutorials: This PLR smart measuring device is from Bosch. CPNNNThis video review is brought to you by.

The major difference Senic adds, over Ryobi, Bosch Fluke,. I think we should hack this baby for a laser. Bought this Bosch laser tape measure a few months ago for the same reason.

Comment by Patrick Hammer on August 2 20at 2:15am. Set 10Skil Bosch PLR + box, 2-part set of percussion drills and laser rangefinder is invaluable for any repairs. Reply #on: January 1 201 01:10:pm. Funny you should mention it but I bought myself a Bosch Plr Laser Distance.

I don’t want to loose the range or hack the device to that extent. VFSs to in 15-m filters; however, increasing the VFS from to m did not improve. PLR, this could result in unacceptable loss of overland sheet flow otherwise bound for playa basins). Bosch PLR Digital Laser Measure (Measuring up to m).

Et en plus, j’ai la chance d’avoir testé le télémètre le plus petit du monde, le PLR de Bosch! Hyper simple d’utilisation, ultra précis, ce .