Cannon lake

Cannonlake (formerly Skymont) is Intel’s codename for the 10-nanometer die shrink of the Kaby Lake microarchitecture, expected to be released in the second . Inför hösten lanserade Intel arkitekturen Kaby Lake och till slutet av 20anländer Cannonlake på nanometer, som året därefter följs upp av . Intel Cannonlake på nanometer planerad till tredje kvartalet.

Intel Cannonlake på nanometer följs upp av Icelake och. Intel bryter Tick-Tock-modellen – Cannonlake på nanometer. CachadEfter Kaby Lake kommer Cannonlake och därefter Coffee Lake, där allt mer talar för att Intel planerar ta sex kärnor till lägre prisklasser för såväl stationära som . A leaked Intel roadmap reveals that its Cannon Lake processors are scheduled to arrive this time next year, and eventually joined by Coffee .

A leak has revealed more information about Intel’s upcoming Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake processors. Intel is said to launch their 8th generation Cannonlake processors in late 2017. A report from Digitimes has alleged that Intel has scheduled the . For people who were planning to upgrade to Intel’s latest 10nm architecture codenamed Cannonlake, there’s bad news as the processor family . The latest leaked roadmap from Intel has detailed their next-generation Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and Cannonlake processors.

That will take place when Cannonlake arrives, which newly leaked. Cannonlake will be Intel’s first 10nm processors for consumers and the . Last week we got an early preview of how AMD’s Zen might perform against Intel — but what kind of performance does the chip need to hit to be considered a .