Funcub xl review

Review Multiplex Fun Cub XL Review Electric Plane Talk. VOBz0vr67Ymaj 20- Överfört av FliteTestWe take the Multiplex FunCub XL out for a test flight! A brief talk about the Multiplex Fun Cub XL and a flight video showcasing the performance in the hands of.

Multiplex Funcub Maiden – a really great trainer with huge landing. We checked out a supersized version of an iconic model that has been around for a long time: the Multiplex FunCub XL. FUN CUB XL om så vad har ni för uppfattning om den.

Paul told me about the FliteTest site long ago.

For you discerning, adventurous modelers, the FunCub XL Kit version is available to equip and tailor. Our Multiplex FunCub XL expands all the fun enjoyed by thousands with the original, in a new larger size! Featuring the same high-wing aerobatic performance, . Account Information; Order History; Reviews; Wishlist; Manage Subscriptions; Store Credit.

Multiplex Fun Cub XL, Receiver Ready Model Plane Kit.