Hdmi to displayport cable not working

I have bought a HDMI to Displayport cable on the assumption that it would just work, but it doesn’t. As this is my first foray in to the displayport . So I got a mini display port to HDMI cable + a HDMI to display port adapter. It all seems to fit fine, but the monitor is blank.

I’ve tried updating the intel drivers and I even just bought an active displayport to hdmi adapter to make sure it’s not the passive cable. I have a Macbook Pro and a QHD BenQ monitor here. If a Mini-DisplayPort or HDMI input are use then the display input must be.

HDMI till Displayport-problem – postad i Bildskärmar: Hej! So, alas, the cheap option is not going to solve his problem. This cable can only pass signal from DisplayPort to HDMI port. The T5just doesn’t recognize the external monitor when I have the displayport to hdmi adapter plugged in and an hdmi cable running from .

Snow Leopard installed but the Audio Output over HDMI is not working. Also, no, I’m not using an adapter – DisplayPort male to male cable straight from the. If they won’t work stable with HDMI, they will go back. Full-sized HDMI or Mini-DP (Display Port) from now on, my friends. I’ve never had a single problem with HDMI except a bad cable, which I . It does not work with a HDMI cable or a DVI cable, even when they are strung.

I connected them with a HDMI cable connected to two Mini DisplayPort to HDMI . I purchased a Surface Pro a few days ago, as well as a Microsoft brand mini displayport to HDMI adapter. I am not having any luck with getting my Sony Bravia . Any cable capable of a specific resolution is either going to work over a certain distance, or not work. Check out my article All HDMI cables are . I’m using a DP to HDMI cable, going from my DP graphics card port to the Vive box HDMI port. Dose not work with my HP monitor no mater the source is windows pc or MacBook Pro.

DP to HDMI, Rankie 6FT Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDMI HDTV Cable . In other words, you can’t use a display port adapter, HDMI to DVI. HDMI connection or HDMI not detected problem with your .