Hifiberry digi+ pro

In the past we got some customer wishes for an improved HiFiBerry Digi+ module. The Digi+ Pro is also our first board that comes with full auto-configuration. It uses the I2S sound port that connects directly to the CPU without .

After the testing phase we can, thanks to your help, finally release our HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro. We received an email from HiFiBerry user Andy, who made a beautiful looking project,. HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro – our most advanced digital audio interface.

Nice news for Digi+ users: HifiBerry is introducing a ‘pro’ version of their Digi boar with dual oscillators for 44.

Last week I put together a new Rpiand Digi+pro board. It appears that Rune does not support this new board from HiFiBerry and . Problems with HifiBerry Digi+inläggmaj 2016HiFiBerry Digi+ Works Best on RCA. HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro and Volumio : Helpvolumio. Looking for some help enabling the new HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro board on Volumio 2. Apparently this is a new board that requires a different driver. I have done this on RPi 2B and a HifiBerry DIGI+ (and I will try it on the DAC+ Pro), I am not sure about earlier models having this facility.

Lite nyheter för oss paj-fantaster: Hifiberry Digi+ Pro Redan beställd! Jag har provat en massa olika konfigurationer me pajerna och kan väl .