Ip68 samsung s7

Is my Samsung Galaxy Sdust- and water-resistant (IPrating)? With Samsung’s most resilient mobile device yet, you can run in the rain and play in the mu . New test reveal that Samsung’s Galaxy Sand SEdge are the best choice for snorkelers who can’t go without their phones for a single moment. The Samsung Galaxy S meanwhile, is IPcertified.

What do these things mean, and which is best? So is the Galaxy Sedge, for that matter. But we wouldn’t necessarily take them swimming.

The Samsung Galaxy SActive device is one of the most rugged phones to date and is highly resistant to scratches and IPcertified. Missa inte: Så bra är Samsung Galaxy SEdge. Samsung’s latest top-end smartphones the Galaxy S SEdge and the troubled Note are rated to IPstandards, and so are technically . However, the Galaxy Sis rated IP6 so what gives?

Samsung formulates the S7’s water protection on its official site:. It’s not the first phone with IPwater and dust proofing – the Sony Xperia Zand Samsung’s own Galaxy Sand Sedge handsets are . SAMSUNG’s latest flagship smartphones – the Galaxy Sand Galaxy. The Galaxy Sand Galaxy SEdge are both rated IP6 meaning the .

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