Naze32 rev6 connections

The Naze Rev board has made some nice layout revisions such as. Learn how to solder and setup the NazeRevusing Cleanflight! Nazerevclone from myRCmart – flashed to Betaflight 2.

I have made a NazeRevwiring diagram that you can follow on your quad.

I recently got a Naze3 as well as some standard male-to-male servo wires to connect to my receiver. I just gutted my Phantom and put in a Nazejust for shits and gigs. Could I put that Phantom GPS back in and connect it to the Naze? In short, the current Nazerev(and rev6) has only UARTs.

This way we will connect the OSD with the USB onto UART1.

There are options for connecting your Nazereceiver. Good evening guys, I have a NAZERevthat im currently using. Nazerev has just been release I am excited and curious to find out.

Sonar pads with resistors added for direct connection to 5V sonar . This tutorial will show you how to setup Cleanflight firmware flash on NazeFlight Controller. Disconnect battery, connect USB cable to power the board. The last one should be reserved for the USB connection. Someone confirmed in the comment and in my group that this hack also works on NazeRevboards . AfroFlight NazeRevFlight Controller (Acro).

So have a X4R-SB, and a NazeRev 6B or 6C? The naze has connections available for all of these, so let’s move on to connecting it. NazeRevcant connect it, tried bootloader shorting.

NazeRevTricopter Connectioninläggapr 2016Another Nazeproblem. And where does the reciever connect and which wires go where. Naze gold coast ; Naze Brisbane ; Naze Qld ; Naze Australia.

The FunFly Controller Acro Nazerevflight controller by AbuseMark. I have the NazeAcro Revand a receiver that doesn’t support any type of CPPM, only PWM. I also have servo leads (if they are needed).