Probe cards

A probe card is an interface between an electronic test system and a semiconductor wafer. Typically the probe card is mechanically docked to a prober and . Cascade Microtech’s Pyramid Probe Cards for RF wireless, high-speed digital in SiPs, SoCs, and leading edge DC parametric testing.

Technoprobe is a microelectronic industry leader in the design, development, manufacture, sale and support of advanced semiconductor wafer probe cards. Technoprobe’s Vertical Probe Cards base their long-lasting success on the concept to assemble needles on vertical drilled plates. FEINMETALL assumes a technologically leading position in contacting wafers. Vertical probe cards offered under the brand ViProbe belong to the leading .

Many different types of probe cards are . This section is intended to provide general information about the function of a probe car as well as an introduction to its primary components. Large probe area (Suitable for 200mm wafer 1-shot).

Semi-Probes, Incorporated is suppliers of ceramic blade probe car Semiconductor wafer probe cards, co-axial epoxy cantilever probe cards and wedge probe . It is ideal for cleaning all types of probe cards with rounde radius, and engineered probe geometries. Test-floors using vertical and crown-tipped spring probes . Repair Shops equipped with original MPI compatible tools. Cantilever and Vertical Probe Card repairs.

SV TCL is an innovative, solutions-driven designer that manufactures, markets and services high performance probe cards used within the semiconductor . Our global team supports your probe card and wafer probing projects with sophisticated design, proven technology, and experienced applications and technical . Wentworth’s Compass is a high precision tool for the maintenance, repair and test of blade or epoxy probe cards. Productivity-boosting Compass technology . Probe cards provide an electromechanical interface between the tester and the device-under-test (DUT). Conventional, cantilever-style probe cards have been . We are specialists in probe card drilling with micron tolerances in Photoveel Delrin, Vespel and many other materials. Kyocera provides multilayer ceramic substrates, with single-layer or multilayer thin-film metallization, for DRAM, flash .