Radio controlled watch instructions

The radio controlled watch has no effect on the human body or medical. For detailed instructions on how to receive radio waves, refer to “Radio Wave.

Receives a time signal from one of the five signal stations located in four regions and automatically adjusts the time and calendar. QQ watches are solid and reliable technology, with excellent design is supported by the world market.

WATCH” in the attached Limited Warranty and Instruction Booklet. This solar radio-controlled watch is equipped with a time zone adjustment function. Atomic World TimebrDual Alarm ClockbrTLWA2silverbr.

Reizen Analog Radio-Controlled Talking Watch. Features analog display with hour, minute, and sweeping second hand. Please be sure to read the instruction manual carefully.

Highest precision radio-controlled clock. Your atomic watch receives time telegrams on long wave radio (kHz) from the.

At any desired time you can perform a manual reception by pressing the T1. Thank you for choosing this instrument from the firm TFA. Congratulations on purchasing this radio-controlled wrist-watch. Manual hand setting option (battery change outside reception range). Your Analog Talking Watch is a Multi-Band Radio Controlled watch.

Turn the crown to set hour and minute hands. For details about the watch’s radio controlled timekeeping feature, see “. But beware of the error found in our printed instructions mentioned below. We shall shortly attempt to find a radio controlled watch with an equally good watch . Please read the entire instruction manual before using the product and then save it for future.

This is because the clock is controlled by radio waves emitted by an atomic clock located at Fort Collins, Colorado. S atomic clock is accurate to less than .

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