Usbc cable test

We are probably seeing the last generation of micro-USB Android smartphones. The hot new USB Type-C standard is here to stay, and these are our favorite . USB Type C Cables and Accessories Reviews. I ran tests in a way that would favor the charger as much as possible. A few cables that go from USB Type-C to Type-A fail so badly that they can.

They have not had the chance to test the cable that Leung . You might not remember Benson Leung, the engineer that tasked himself with examining USB Type-C cables.

For my purposes, lets assume a windows PC with a powered USB hub as a baseline for testing. I’d likely use legacy USB A – USB C cables . When the Nexus 5X and 6P first launche they were the first major smartphones to include a USB-C connector. For example, if your charger is a typical 5V2.

USB Type-C is undoubtedly the future, thanks to its reversible design, super-fast speed and high power output. Hi Benson here doing another USB Type-C legacy cable review. We’ve covered which USB-C cable you should buy and why.

Leung’s test of a Type-C-to-Type-A cable from Surjtech fried his Chromebook Pixel.

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