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Parts I used: – INNixie clock board from Kosbo – INNixie 19tubes New Old Stock from Ukrain through eBay. Nixie tubes (see above) were a common form of numeric display for. I sell my clocks via eBay auctions (my eBay user ID is ‘jasonharper’), and .

tolle Angebote auf eBay für Nixie Clock in Ziffernanzeigen Nixies. I’ve always been a fan of Nixie Tubes, and I was especially excited when I. Nixie-Clock-IN-16-Digit-Tubes-Tube-KIT- . Dear group; As per most starter nixie clock builders; I’ve been looking at IN-size tubes, approx 40mm high, and my God they are expensive!

Whilst this was certainly possible, It was never easy, and made it uncomfortable to give a Nixe Clock as a gift in case a tube ever failed. Novel digital clocks get their glamour from the Nixie tube, the mother of. Nixies can still be bought for $8-$a tube (or even less on eBay). Just wanted to share a couple of nixie tube clocks I bought recently.

Donner made a few Nixie counters and you can find them on ebay still. DIY NIXIE CLOCK, Nixie Tube IN-NIXIE TUBES made in USSR (Soviet Union) Is perfectly attuned to the NIXIE. This is my third nixie clock, and as for previous ones its making process has been fully. If you wish to analyze what exactly a Nixie tube is you can read the description on.

Mine are Gazotron IN-which can be found for cheap on eBay.

I ran across these neat clocks on ebay: Bai Design Kitchen…. I think I may go with a nixie tube clock, . This was very easy – IN-tubes are readily available on eBay; mine. The Nixie tubes that were used in my clock (IN-14) require an anode . UNIQUE VFD ROUND DIGITAL CLOCK ALARM NIXIE TUBE ERA.

I cannot believe that I did a search on ebay for nixie power supplies and wound up at. I got this kit off of ebay and it includes a machined wood base for housing the. Most available clock kits use Russian built Nixie tubes, typically .