Bitfinex hacked

The Bitfinex theft represents the largest loss of bitcoins by an. One of the most direct impacts of the Bitfinex hack could be seen in the price of . Bitcoin suffered yet another blow last week when Bitfinex, one of the cryptocurrency’s largest exchanges, suffered a hack that cost its users .

Late last week we reported that Bitfinex, a popular Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange was hacke losing about $70M worth of customer’s . Bitfinex’s plan to impose losses on all its trading clients for the recent hacking rests on two flawed pillars, according to lawyers. It’s the second-largest hack of a bitcoin exchange ever. Does anyone know how exactly it happened?

Please refrain with general like because they had too . Bitfinex is the world’s largest dollar-based exchange for bitcoin, and is. Bitfinex has announced that many of its largest BFX token holders have agreed to exchange over million BFX tokens for equity in the . Bitcoin’s blockchain is often touted as a revolutionary step forward for network security. But Tuesday’s theft of nearly $million of customers’ . Kong Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced that it had been hacked and 117Bitcoins stolen which at .