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NewsCachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanokt. Click here to create your own custom cables with the CableMod Configurator! The CableMod EU Store was built with ease-of-use in mind.

Mod EU Store will initially begin shipping to the following countries: . The CableMod Configurator makes customizing cables a simple affair. The CableMod Store uses PayPal as our payment processor, and you can easily pay using your PayPal . CableMod announced the launch of a custom PSU cable configurator, allowing customers to choose the color and length of the cables of their .

You can now custom design your own CableMod PSU cables and have any colour combination and length. Check out this clean build from Alexandru Pricop featuring CableMod cables. Mods, featuring custom CableMod cables designed on our configurator tool!

Konfigurator auf sich hat, erfahrt ihr in diesem Video! In the shipping info, it said that they only ship within Europe. The configurator is only through your global site?

Will the EU store get the configurator soon? CableMod Configurator – PSU Cables just got awesome OC3D Reviews. How did these get shipped from China it’s not in the EU.

CableMod är en butik som tillhandahåller kompletta sleevade kablar, som dessutom kan måttbeställas. EU och således tillkommer både tull och moms. Getting CableMod extensions in your rig no longer requires a DIY job. The cables are already available on CableMod’s EU Store.

UK The CableMod Configurator is a great w. Cablemod came out hard and strong mid Dec last year with a relatively. I can’t fault them for this much though since the EVGA kit itself has the same configuration. I can’t buy this I pay from EVGA Europe 55e and that’s it.

CableMod Basic Cable Kits come with four cables that cover the most popular. In addition to this new cable configuration, CableMod is pleased to announce. Made from premium materials and crafted with the utmost care, CableMod cables can turn even the most ordinary systems into works of art.

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