Cooltek umx4 review

The UMXis an elegant and classy case from Jonsbo. In order to also make ATX users happy, Jonsbo introduced yet another UMX series case . A classy full ATX case smaller than most mATX cases, that misses the mark by millimetres.

This will be a two person review, I did the AMD review, with my responses being on. Still, the APcarries a strong resemblance to the UMX4. UMXkommer kosta dryga tusen tror jag så UMXlär inte kosta mycket mer än typ 15kr som max.

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Info user has written a review about Cooltek JB-UMXB. Do you want to be the first to review this product? With the UMXand the RM we present two outstanding cases,. Our Jonsbo cases are sold in Europe under the label Jonsbo – powered by Cooltek.

UMXZone Silver Window Compact Midi Tower Aluminium Case in stock, 5. Replaces the Cooltek UMXCompact Midi Tower Aluminium Cases. Jonsbo remains faithful with the elegant design of the UMXto its casing series and offers a true “Battleship” for ATX users. The company also introduced housing UMXATX format with a glass . Jonsbo, vormals Cooltek, bringt mit dem UMXbereits die vierte Version des beliebten kleinen Aluminiumgehäuses in nur zwei Jahren auf den .

Review: Jonsbo UMXPC case A classy full ATX case smaller than most. Cooltek Jonsbo UMX+ Window black itx gorgeousness review. I like itx and aluminium cases, so I must love this one right? Cooltek Jonsbo UMX+ Window black ITX gorgeousness. Models UMXand RMreplace UMXand RMpredecessors.

Test du boitier ATX compact de chez Jonsbo, l’UMX4. Mit dem UMXWindow befassen wir uns abermals mit einem Produkt, welches dem Joint-Venture zwischen Jonsbo und Cooltek entsprungen . Chińska firma Jonsbo pokazuje, że też potrafi produkować obudowy. Jonsbo Cooltek UMXi RMto eleganckie konstrukcje niemal całkowicie . Cooltek JB-UMXWindow, Tower-Gehäuse silber, Window-Kit ATX ATX (Art# 1286528).