Dosimeter är ett instrument som anger hur stor stråldos en person är eller har blivit utsatt för. A radiation dosimeter is a device that measures exposure to ionizing radiation. It has two main uses: for human radiation protection and for measurement of dose .

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The DMC 30is a world-class personal electronic radiation dosimeter that represents 25+ years of innovation. Böjningar av dosimeter, Singular, Plural. From electronic personal dosimeters to single systems that monitor cumulative exposure to dosimetry readers that work with any whole body or extremity . Workers in nuclear facilities and other radiation environments need to monitor their exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Dosimeters are devices used to measure the amount of energy deposited by ionising radiation. This measurement is used to estimate the effective dose . The Dosimetry Service organises the legally required personal dosimetry monitoring of individuals occupationally exposed to ionising radiation at CERN. Direktvisande dosimeter för att uppmärksamma användaren för exponering av joniserande strålning.

Polimaster offers highly reliable electronic personal radiation dosimeters for precise dose and dose rate measurement.

Professional personal dosimeter for measuring continuous and pulse X-Ray and Gamma Radiation in the energy range keV–10MeV. Pocket dosimeters are used to provide the wearer with an immediate reading of his or her exposure to x-rays and gamma rays. Sound level meters measure at discrete times, while dosimeters measure continually over time for a more accurate estimate of risk. PRESAGE which is an optically transparent radiochromic dosimeter.

The dosimeter can be molded into any shape . The Radiation Alert PEN Dosimeters are easy to use, lightweight, and can be easily recharged with our dosimeter charger.