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Ancient Egypt is commonly referred to as ‘km. Nile Delta earth as opposed to Deshret, the red barren desert land. Therefore, Arabs have no more connection to Ancient Egypt than Europeans have to Ancient America.

What is an African centred approach to Egypt? African Centred Egyptology aims to look at Egypt as part of African culture. Ancient Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was a 1 Black African built and ruled civilization. The question is brief yet the answer takes days, weeks and even years to .

Jesus was a Hebrew, REAL artifacts clearly show that Hebrews were Black people, same with Persians and Egyptians. Kemet Corp is specialized in the distribution and servicing of many products. The oldest, official name for Egypt, by the Ancient Egyptians themselves, is Kmt (Keme) or Black.

Kemet has been providing Egypt with the healthiest snack options in the market. We introduced pretzels to the Egyptian market, and still today, we are the sole . Kemet is the name the native African people of the country now known as Egypt called themselves in their surviving writings. Under the philosophical and spiritual teachings and belief system of ancient Kemet(Egypt), numbers played a significant role.

Kemetic Orthodoxy is a modern practice of the religious tradition of Ancient Egypt, known to its own people as Kemet. This particular practice was founded by . Kemet Travel is Ancient Egypt specialist Abu Simble Temples. The “Irep en Kemet” research project studies the wine of Ancient Egypt analyzing the . Kemet Design sells handmade jewellery, perfume, massage oil and incense inspired by Ancient Egypt including one of the few authentic recipes of the classic . KEMET-EGYPT has been founded providing full Shipping Agency Representation Services at all Egyptian ports with several branch offices all over Egypt, . The Egyptians called their country Kemet, literally the Black Land (kem meant black in ancient Egyptian). The name derived from the colour of the rich and .