Nixie camera

With a gesture, Nixie takes off, captures the moment, and comes right back. Jim In AshlandNixie Drone Camera shown yesterday at CES. Nixie is the first flyable and wearable camera.

Nixie Presents the World’s First Wearable Camera Drone. Nixie is a small camera-equipped drone that can be worn as a wrist band.

Nixie can be activated to unfold into a quadcopter, fly in one of its pre-programmed . HD images or video, plus can connect with a smartphone.

Nixie is a flyable and wearable camera that enables users to take creative pictures.

Meet Nixie, a wearable camera concept that flies off your wrist and turns into a remote-controlled quadcopter. The Nixie wearable drone is on the verge of hitting the market. An HD camera (similar to those in smartphones) will be used.

If you’re saving wrist space for the Apple Watch, you might have to free up the other wrist for Nixie.

Nixie is the first wearable camera that can fly, and it. Nixie the Wearable Selfie Drone Delights Crowd at CES 2015. Like a camera watch with propellers, Nixie (in theory) could detach itself from you with the flick of a wrist, fly a few feet away, take your picture . Wearable camera drone Nixie is the winner of Intel’s Make it Wearable competition, scooping a prize of $5000(£313000) at a ceremony held . Meet the Nixie, a prototype wearable quadcopter drone equipped with a camera that you can use to capture the ultimate selfies.

The Nixie drone is a cross between a GoPro action camera (Heropictured left) and a traditional quadcopter (stock image pictured right). Even where mind-blowing innovations are found at every turn, the flying wearable camera known as Nixie pulled off a dazzling snapshot of the . The wearable flying camera is a quadcopter in de.