Sweden winter

Here’s an insider tip – Sweden is just as beautiful during winter as summer. Here are reasons to spend winter in Sweden. With winter’s arrival in Sweden, we’ve decided to embrace the frosty season here at The Local.

We’ve gathered the ten best reasons why . Eleven ways to act like a true Swede in winter. From jumping in an ice hole to moaning about parking places. Here are ways to fake being a true Swede .

Swedes know how to winter better than anyone else! July temperatures in Sweden average to 17°C. February is usually Sweden’s coldest month, with temperatures from – to -3°C. Wrap up warm and let northern Sweden work its magic on you this winter. Here are nine incredible experiences to get you started.

Winter in Sweden is for some a beautiful time, yet for others a time which can be rather depressing. Expats shouldn’t worry, we have a list of things which you . Swedish Lapland offers winter adventures including overnight stays at the world’s largest Ice Hotel, Northern lights observations in Abisko and excursions by . Beautiful Sweden is always worth visiting, but mostly so in winter.

Imagine mountains covered in snow, reindeers crossing frozen lakes and the night sky ablaze . The snow is like powder dusting on a cake. From the outset, it’s a typical winters day. From early May until late August, Sweden’s sun brightens the night and lengthens your sightseeing days. Sweden enjoys a generally temparate climate, thanks to the Gulf Stream. Above the Arctic Circle, winter can be crisp and invigorating.

Direct flights in the winter from Gatwick Airport. The Swedish Mountains – a genuine all year round destination from long summer days and dark cosy winter . And how do you protect yourself from a Swedish winter? Find out some of the tricks Swedes have developed over the centuries to stay warm. This is my second winter in Sweden and I am dreading it already. November hasn’t been too kind and the sun hasn’t been spied.

Sweden in Winter Wildlife Holidays and Wildlife Tours with Naturetrek, specialists in Birdwatching and Botanical tours and holidays. January in Sweden, Norway Finland is the heart of winter, with snow lying thick on the ground across much of the country and temperatures at their lowest. High above the Arctic Circle, Swedish Lapland is everything that you would expect from a “winter wonderland”.

The snow is bountiful, weighing down the fir trees . When other countries shut down for the winter, Sweden comes to life. Roaring snowmobiles and sleds led by yapping huskies whisk you through a pristine .

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