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T-Rex Engineering – home of Danish effect pedals, gigbags, power supplies and cables for guitarist and bass player. Guitar effect Pedals: Distortion, Overdrive, . Hoppa till Effects pedals – The pedal can be made to mimick the sound of older delay. In 201 T-Rex introduced the Mudhoney II, a twin-channel . T-Rex Alberta II, dual overdrive pedal for electric guitar, warm wide range vintage tube-style tone, x gain controls, x level controls, x tone controls, x fat . The cats from Pretty Maids stopped by T-Rex headquarter today! The T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior is a power supply for your guitar effects pedals that features isolated 9V outputs (1mA each) to deliver clean, quiet power to .

Introducing Magnus from T-Rex Effects, a completely new format for the discerning pedal enthusiast who doesn’t want to sacrifice portability for flexibility, an .

Shop the UK’s Largest Guitar Store Today. Judging by the names of some of their products, the designers at T‑Rex have got a thing about the less attractive elements of. T-Rex Engineering Quint-Machine Guitar Octave Pedal.

We are your Canadian dealer for T-Rex Effects Pedals. We have two locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and we offer free shipping within Canada around the . The Tonebug Distortion is a phenomenal-sounding pedal that delivers gobs of rich, tubey-sounding. T-Rex makes classic and signature effects pedals for guitarists and bass players. This is the board you would use for minor jobs, where you just need a few pedals. This board can hold T-Rex pedals and the FuelTank.

T Rex FX Pedal Boards to buy online from Rich Tone Music. T-Rex Replica, T-Rex Fuel Tank, T-Rex Room-mate reverb pedal. Analog Man has the T-Rex Replica, Fuel tank, and Room-mate pedals in stock!

John Kelley of Musiquip runs down the new T. Rex pedals at the Nashville Amp Expo 2010.

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