Troels gravesen speaker review

Hoppa till Vintage speakers, a selection of old drivers, Tannoy, Wharfedale. These are not speakers you bring in the trunk of your car to my workshop! My wife had been attending a three-day course and when she came home and found the Poor Man’s Strads in the livingroom she said: These speakers aren’t .

So, I really like Troels’ web site and the overall price and write-ups seem right on par with what I am looking at. Troels Gravesen Time Aligned way published. Forums › Hi-FiCachadÖversätt den här sidanmaj 20- inlägg – ‎författareAs some of you may recall I made a pair of Troels Gravesen speakers model Illumina floorstanders to be precise.

I will add review of these if anyone is interested. But now I am also considering a speaker from Troels Gravesen called CNO. I’ve seen one forum memeber with some in their signature, so wonder who else may have ventured down this route in search of speakers. Hi all, I thought I’d share some pics and thoughts regarding a recent speaker build that I contributed to. Curious to know why there is no talk about Troels Gravesen’s DIY.

A speaker that has a excellent in room response, idealy designed with the aim of increasing. In fact, I think that is a better metho and Troels uses it himself. Just curious if you think that type of speaker build and budget would rival a . This is a way high sensitivity speaker featuring a Jantzen Audio 8.

Do you consider Troels’ DTQWT in the same league? Want to build a killer speaker system at a fraction of the cost of. Just make sure you go with a project that has been built and reviewed by several others. As the DIY iconic designer Troels Gravesen puts it, “Size Matters” . Troels Gravesen Discovery Four DIY loudspeaker. My latest additional is a pair of Troels Gravesen’s Illuminator Monitor’s.

IMO they are superior to any bookshelf speaker I have heard under . The Poor Man’s Strad is a DIY design created by Troels Gravesen, a Dane who has created an impressive number of high quality DIY designs . Linear phase crossovers with filler drivers; My Audio Asylum review of the Funk Firm modifications to my. Troels Gravesen’s astonishing speaker project pages. Once the valve amp was built and some listening was done it became obvious that my yo speakers also needed some attention.