Broadwell vs skylake gaming

But who are they for and how does Broadwell-E vs Skylake compare? Skylake processor like the i7-6700k for pure gaming . I’ve heard that the Skylake did better than the Haswell-e when it comes to building a gaming machine, but how does the Broadwell-e do?

CPU-boun so this is still relevant to gaming. Haswell, buy Broadwell or opt for Skylake? Four new CPUs for enthusiasts, but not so much for gaming.

Broadwell-E processors aren’t built for gaming enthusiasts.

Broadwell (5th Gen, 14nm), and now Skylake (6th Gen, 14nm). If you’re building a brand new PC next week, next month or for the foreseeable. So why should you move to Skylake when you build a new gaming PC?

Haswell, but not nearly as strong as Broadwell. It can handle 4K video playback and gaming at 1080p. Last year, we reviewed Intel’s Skylake-based Core i6700K and.

The Haswell-E cores are larger, but regardless, 1. Later on this year, we’ll see the arrival of Broadwell-E, with replacement chips for both . Why Intel’s ‘Skylake’ Is the Perfect CPU for Gamers.

Broadwell-E is so powerful, simply playing a single game or running an. Skylake chips, but Intel usually waits to release its E-series gaming .