Broadwelle vs skylake

Intel has announced the 5th Gen Core Extreme Processor, formerly known as Broadwell-E. But who are they for and how does Broadwell-E vs . K vs i6800K Skylake vs Broadwell E Which one should you.

I’ve heard that the Skylake did better than the Haswell-e when it comes to building a gaming machine, but how does the Broadwell-e do? Broadwell-E wafer with lots of chips just waiting to be used and abused. There are other splits as well, like mobile vs.

Broadwell (5th Gen, 14nm), and now Skylake (6th Gen, 14nm).

The Intel Broadwell-E Review: Core i7-6950X, i7-6900K, i7-6850K. Gaming Performance: Alien Isolation, Total War Attila, GTA V. In 20we spoke extensively about the successor to Broadwell, Skylake, coming to the consumer. Broadwell-E, the HEDT set of processors, takes the smallest 10-core . I made a post similar to this one but revolved more around if going xas a chipset at this point is worth it since Skylake-E will be on an entirely . Are Intel Corporation’s New Broadwell-E Chips Totally Pointless. CachadÖversätt den här sidanjuni 20- The Skylake CPU core inside of the 6700K also offers better.

Broadwell-E parts pulled ahead of the Skylake-based 6700K. At Computex Intel launched Broadwell-E to no fanfare for a good reason.

The two share nothing and the Skylake based 6xxx parts are much better. SPECInt_base20running on a 6950X vs a 5960X.