Devon tread 1

The Devon Tread watch is arguably the most cutting edge watch made today, a timepiece of striking visuals and technology. CachadÖversätt den här sidanThis engineering masterpiece is the debut timepiece from DEVON. At the heart of the Tread is an onboard microprocessor, essentially a tiny computer, .

This is the limited edition Steampunk version of the. Du hittar olika Devon klockor hos Chronooch kan köpa en Devon klocka eller jämföra. Devon Tread B, Titanium Skeleton Dial with Rotating Belt.

A belt-driven time-keeping mechanism, and transparent casing designed to show it off. While the Tread is large, Devon did a good job with the design to ensure wearing comfort. Hey Mr nice watch Not all wristwatches are created equal.

That said most topend timepieces look remarkably similar and utilise virtually identical tick tock. We somehow suspect company founder Scott Devon was on the treadmill when he thought up the Devon Tread Watch ($1000).

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