Gainclone har blivit ett samlingsnamn för hemmabyggda monolitiska effektförstärkare med få yttre komponenter, vanligtvis baserade på LM387 LM38eller . Gainclone or chipamp is a type of audio amplifier made by do-it-yourselfers, or individuals interested in DIY audio. It is a design based on high-power integrated .

I’ve made gainclone amplifier that uses a LM38chip. It’s one of the best compact HiFi amplifiers. It is a Class AB-A (conjugate) amplifier that has a fully . LM38Gainclone Schematics: (source: circuit-projects) As you can see, negative feedback line is revised.

In this way, about 7dB is gained at 30Hz-70Hz ban . Bilder från bygget av min dual mono LM38gainclone. Låter sanslöst bra för priset, mycket bättre än vad jag vågat hoppas på. LM38Gainclone – Building Instructions. This document is extracted from the online DIY Audio Forums postings at:.

This is a 60W class-AB amplifier built around the LM38IC. This LM38chip amplifier (gainclone) project was built using PCBs from . Tankarna snurrade och plötsligt stod det klart – Jag skulle bygga en GainClone. Och för att vara lite cool och spinna på yttre attribut döpte jag . DIY Audio Amplifier Kits and Components LM38Gainclone LM38LM1875.

Building a simple inverted Gainclone chip amplifier using the LM38chip and hard wiring technique. A guide to selecting components, building a suitable case . I nearly called this page, ‘Building a Gainclone (chip amp) power supply for dummies. Back in 199 relatively unknown manufacturer 47-Labs released the Gaincard to rave reviews.

It immediately caused controversy because it was based . The so-called Gainclone is very popular in the DIY-audio community; the simplicity, low cost and surprisingly good mean that you really ought to try one . Kanske finns fler som har gått i samma tankar och då är det alltid trevligt att titta på när någon . I had previously planned to build a small stereo amp using the amp6. So at Watt crossover distortion will not be a factor in tubes, but with Solid-State Gainclone IC we would still hope for acceptable at the same power. Despite being increasingly used for entertainment, most PCs don’t have very good sound systems.