Origo heat pal 5000 alcohol heater

Origo 51Heat Pal, Heizung und Spirituskocher in Aktion 15Watt. Vintage Unused Gloy’s HEAT-PAL by ORIGO Alcohol Fueled Camping. Portable Alcohol Spirit Stove Heater Burner Camping Backpacking Furnace Stand.

Simplicity and safety, plus a respectable 000BTU make this a good nonelectric heater. The absorbent material soaks up the alcohol fuel to . The Origo 51HeatPal by Dometic is an electricity-free heater and cooker that provides 15watts of heating or cooking power. Construction and operation of the HeatMate, which is distributed by InterCon Marketing, is similar to the well-known Origo Heat Pal 51alcohol heater, which .

Courtesy of Grant Cunningham Running on ethanol or methanol, the maker says this heater will put out 50BTUs of heat at the high setting. I have a friend that has an Origo alcohol heater andit. Non pressurized and spillproof, it silently puts out 50BTU’s . The Origo Heat Pal’s Aluminium (used to be stainless steel) housing unit. The manual says the fuel is denatured alcohol which in Australia translates to . Combined heater and burner alcohol stove can also be used for keeping food warm.

The Origo 51HeatPal is the ideal all-in-one, electricity-free solution for. Each alcohol-fueled container holds oz. Origo Heat Pal 50Alcohol Stove Origo Heat Pal 50Alcohol Camping Heater Stove Made in Sweden Origo Heat Pal 50Alcohol Camping Heater Stove . RARE Vtg Jobo Origo Cook Pal Burner Alcohol Camping Stove From. The stoves tested were fueled by alcohol or bottled gas, either propane or butane. The Origo Alcohol Stove is a non-pressure Alcohol Stove.

A can of sterno produces about 25BTUswhile an Origo stove burner produces over 50BTUs. I now also have a Heatpal which I use for baking , heating and . Its called the Heat-Pal 50(new model 5100). Its an alcohol cooktop housed in package that can double as a small space heater.

ORIGO 11GL ELECTRIC BOAT STOVE COOK TOP 120V. Origo Heat Pal 50Alcohol Camping Heater Stove Made in Sweden Mint Condition . Quite simply alcohol stove got a bad name due to these stoves. BTW the Heat Pal by Origo uses the same canister and is the perfect heat .

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