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CachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanThe Oregon city of Portland has a huge influence on the way we look, eat and drink. A decade on from its rise to fame, how is the hipster’s heartland holding up, . Here are a few dozen made-in-Portland items for your hipster consideration.

Justin N: fantastic modern hipster hotel in downtown Portland that I would highly recommend! I don’t think there’s any evidence for the most part of the question (I have never seen more hipsters than Mission bars on a Friday night), but to give a cursory batch . Farmer’s markets include the massive Downtown Portland market. America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods – pg.

Portland isn’t like other cities where you have hipsters, and non-hipsters. Kamau Bell visits Portlan Oregon, to talk to old and new residents and finds a growing social divide involving hipsters and . One day, travel writers will write about Portlan Oregon, without mentioning Portlandia. Also Portland is probably the most bicycle friendly city in the USA.

You could say that this city is the epitome of hipster, politically correct, right . Reviews on Hipster restaurants in Portlan OR – Olympia Provisions, Tasty n Sons, Radar, The Bye and Bye, Broder, Tin She Clyde Common, Doug Fir . Mini Mini, now undergoing its soft launch, is Portland’s first purposely hipster-themed convenience store. Hipster culture might have its epicenter in Williamsburg, New York, but on the other side of the US, Portland is. The hipster haven is facing a ‘housing emergency’, as affordability,.

For Henry Wise and Cindy Cedeno, at least, the Portland they moved to . He makes his point about Portland hipsters in the most recent episode of his CNN series, United Shades of America. Three years after WW first reported that Sizzle Pie would open a hipster mini-mart on East Burnside, Mini Mini finally opened September next . Are you a Portland resident or visitor who’s frustrated that you can’t find Lion Heart kombucha on tap, or naturally sweetened plantain and lentil . Portlan OR, is known for its food trucks, but apparently that’s not the only local food on wheels. One night, I walked by someone singing at the top of their lungs . Portland has been a magnet for young, creative adults for over a decade, beckoning droves with its quirkiness, liberal . In the past few years, the metropolis of Portland has been lauded as the utopia du jour of Generation X: a midsize, family-friendly city, birthing . NoPo” is the city’s final frontier in gentrification. For years, the north side of Portland was a blend of working-class residential neighborhoods and industrial . Hipster Santa returns to Pioneer Place this holiday season!

Join the big guy himself on Thursdays: November 1 December and December from . But before you curl your lip and make a note to avoid Portlan Oregon, consider the benefits: hipsters may be irritating, but where they gather . You may know Santa Claus as a jolly old man in a red suit, but in Portlan you’ll find a tattooed and pierced Santa with a . Helping the youngest generation keep Portland weird. Well, Santa is just chilling at Pioneer Place in Portland. Hipsters, make out your Christmas list and go see the Hipster Santa!

Portland may be best known for its beer, bicycling locals, and street foo but—as unlikely as it sounds—many of the city’s seemingly “grown-up” attractions can.