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Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distribute worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoin has just breached its all-time high ‘market cap’ level. Coinmillions-High-Stakes Bitcoin Gambling.

Play Video-Poker, Dice, and other exciting games with your Bitcoins. Overview – Table of Contents; How to get a Bitcoin wallet; Best Bitcoin Wallets. Bitcoin links and discussion by the Reddit . I met the CEO of reddit, Yishan Wong, at a restaurant in San Francisco in the summer of 2014.

Yishan shared with me his vision of reddit as . BitcoinDigest Bitcoin Buzz Feeds Bitcoinblog. BitCore Mining – Bitcoin Cloud Mining made simple. The head of a bitcoin mining pool that has emerged as a strong advocate for a bigger block size argued in a Reddit QA today that many in . Take some time to get a feel for the different subreddits related to your startup – finance, startups, cryptocurrency, etc.

I used to turn to Reddit to get all the latest news about Bitcoin – and I must admit even after I jumped on the Steem… by tobixen. One of the premises for Theymos’ argument is that the definition of Bitcoin is Bitcoin as it exists today. If it changes, then it is no longer Bitcoin.

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Start a petition today to change something you care about. Reddit loves Bitcoin; Reddit loves a conspiracy theory. So it’s no surprise that the widely read online forum—the self-proclaimed “front page of . Bitcoin for Beginners gives the basics of what Bitcoin is and why it is. The Bitcoin Reddit community is very active.

NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — Former Reddit Cryptocurrency Engineer Ryan X. Charles (a pseudonym) was recently interviewed on the Let’s . Since its publication yesterday, Newsweek’s huge Bitcoin scoop has proved unsurprisingly explosive both online and offline. I often see questions on how to buy bitcoin with credit cards Visa, Mastercard , so I did a quick write up which lists some of the better known . A place to offer your talents and skills in exchange for the fastest growing currency in the world. In the summer of 201 amidst turmoil in the reddit community, I wrote an article called “Fix reddit with bitcoin” that struck a nerve.

Charles was the official cryptocurrency engineer at Reddit, and readers may remember his abrupt firing earlier in the . Reddit user rekcahxfb says they’re planning to give away 10bitcoins next Wednesday. Roger Ver takes on Theymos and Greg Maxwell about censorship on Bitcoin Subreddit. Bitcoin exchange platform Bitfinex is reporting the theft of what some users. A Reddit user under the handle of ‘zanetackett’ is ‘confirming’ the .