Netatmo rain gauge mount

Netatmo Rain Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station: Amazon. Netatmo NWM01-WW Mount for Rain and Wind Gauge – Black. Netatmo Rain Gauge is a new edition to the Netatmo Weather Station.

Here is another way to mount the Netatmo rain gauge – using RAM mounts. Netatmo #Weather #Station #WeatherStation #Gadgets #Wireless #Wifi. NETATMO Rain Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station – Retail Packaging. Netatmo Mount, for Netatmo Rain Gauge and Wind Gauge – Retail .

We review the latest Netatmo rain gauge module to expand your weather. There is a female screw mount on the bottom that appears to be the . An interactive version of this manual is embedded in your Netatmo. You can add only one rain gauge module to your Netatmo Weather Station.

On the bottom of the Rain Gauge is a common tripod screw mount, which means that it can be placed atop a number of widely available . The netatmo rain gauge: install it in your garden and you’ll know how much it rained hyperlocally.

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